Lamberhurst Music Festival - Nicholas McCarthy

An inspirational musician – Nicholas McCarthy

I recently came across an online BBC 3 series of short videos called ‘Amazing Humans’. The series gives details of many different people, old, not so old, and young, who have done something in their lives that warrants them being called an amazing human.

There are stories of a 97 year old lady who still volunteers for the RSPA and walks peoples’ dogs, a young boy who at the age of 10 decided to make toys for sick children in hospital, and a vet who treats homeless people’s dogs for free. But the one that caught my eye and that I thought would be of particular to the LMF blog readers was the short video about Nicholas McCarthy, a one handed concert pianist.

Nicholas was born without his right hand and for the first 14 years of his life being a pianist was possibly the last thing on his mind. That was until a friend played him a piano sonata by Beethoven, and he was hooked. Nicholas had been brought up to believe that anything is possible, so he took up piano lessons. The head teacher at a school for young pianists told him that only having one hand would always hold him back and it was better not to waste his and other people’s time. Undaunted, Nicholas took this refusal to become more determined, and at the age of 17 secured a place at Junior department of London’s Guildhall Shool of Music and Drama – where he won the annual piano prize. He enrolled in the Royal College of Music, and became their first left-hand-only graduate in 2012.

Nicholas McCarthy is an inspiration, and a truly amazing human. I hope you enjoy watching the following video as much as I have enjoyed finding out about this remarkable young man.