LMF – Coronavirus

I thought I would share with you updates of  what is happening to the 2020 season, and also some links and information regarding our artists, past and present.

Currently, we are all under quarantune/lockdown and no concerts will be taking place. We will cancel as soon as it is no longer possible to stage them, as we follow government guidelines. What we are endevouring to to is wherever we have to cancel a concert, we are offering to reschedule later in the year, or next year. All tickets purchased for a concert will be valid for the rescheduled event, or a full refund will be given, if requested.

Many of our artists are putting on virtual performances on Facebook or YouTube. VOCES8 for example are performing most days live on Facebook at 2pm. Their Facebook page contains details of what they are doing and which social media platform they will be on, and can be found
Sheku and the Kanneh-Mason family are also performing on Facebook. Sheku’s Facebook page can be found
Pianist Julian Perkins, who performed for us a little while back with Emma Abbate, has a YouTube page where he performs live, plus stores some videos. His page can be found
The BBC have announced a culture in quarantine series to be aired on Radaio 3 and 4.  Tenebrae will perform virtually, and Sheku is also recording for them. Details can be found
George Harliono, who is due to appear in October, has recorded a short video on his instagram page. This is well worth a watch as it demonstrates his amazing ability as a pianist, and can be found

As other virtual concerts are planned, I will publish these via email and on the LMF website. If people hear of others, please contact me and I will add them to the list.

I look forward to seeing you all soon.

Marc Lodge, Festival Director