Kanneh-Masons awarded Best Classical Artists 2021

Our artists for the September 2021 concert, the Kanneh-Mason family, have been awarded Best Classical Artists for 2021 by Global. We are not overly surprised as they were an inspiration to the nation during the first lockdown, performing regularly from their hallway, garden, or street! They almost made the superb Carnival of the Animals album with author Michael Morpurgo and one of the UK’s most cherished actors Olivia Coleman.

Details of the award can be found at https://www.classicfm.com/global-awards/kanneh-masons-awarded-best-classical-artist-2021/

Tickets for our September concert, which does not include Sheku or Isata, can be found on the forthcoming concerts section of the website. You will of course remember that Sheku and Isata gave us a wonderful concert at the end of 2019.