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The music of Inspector Morse

The music of Inspector Morse I’ve just heard the sad news that Colin Dexter, the writer of the Inspector Morse novels, passed away yesterday. I thought I’d write a short blog on the amazing TV series that came out of the novels, and in particular the music. Inspector Morse, played so brilliantly by actor John […]

Lamberhurst Music Festival - Nicholas McCarthy

An inspirational musician – Nicholas McCarthy

I recently came across an online BBC 3 series of short videos called ‘Amazing Humans’. The series gives details of many different people, old, not so old, and young, who have done something in their lives that warrants them being called an amazing human. There are stories of a 97 year old lady who still volunteers for […]

What makes a Stradivarius sound so good?

Antonio Stradivari lived in Italy between 1644 and 1737, living to the very respectable age of 93. He made over 1100 instruments in his lifetime, and around 960 of these were violins. Of these 960 violins, it is estimated that between 450 and 512 survive today. These violins, known by the Latinised form of his surname – Stradivarius – […]

Lamberhurst Music Festival - Mozart

On Mozart’s birthday, 10 interesting facts about the musical genius

Mozart was both on this day, 27th January, in 1756. He composed over 600 works, and is one of the most influential composers of all time. Here are 10 facts you might not know about him. Mozart  was baptized Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart. He dropped the first two names and changed Theophilus (meaning ‘loved by […]